Resident Services: Learning Center Model

Learning Centers are at forefront of Resident Services delivery at Housing On Merit (“HOM”). These Centers provide the essential services necessary for resident empowerment based on individual resident and community needs. The functions of our Centers are to:

  • Promote coordination and networking among residents as well as between community organizations, and local government;
  • Reflect collective needs of the community and provide responsive programming; and
  • Provide empowerment, social transformation, and improving quality of life through life-long learning and resource mobilization.

HOM’s Learning Centers focus on four key areas:

Center for Academic Excellence

Promotes academic achievement for residents of all ages through:

  • Onsite After School and Out of School Programs for youth
  • Connection to academic and financial resources for higher education
  • Computer and technology training

Center for Health & Wellness

Addresses restrictions of access to quality health and wellness services by providing:

  • Onsite medical care
  • Nutrition education workshops
  • Fitness classes

Center for Employment & Financial Stability

Tackles issues of unemployment or under employment and financial instability through:

  • Employment training programs
  • Resume writing and interview skills workshops
  • Financial education workshops

Center for Growth & Empowerment

Mobilizes residents to create a healthy community reflective of their communal and personal
goals by providing:

  • Information about local resources available to residents
  • Life skills training promoting independent living
  • Community engagement and resident networking opportunities