Resident Services

HOM provides comprehensive support services and enrichment programs to residents to ensure housing stability and promote integration into their communities.

HOM develops and manages affordable housing and transitional housing that couple facilities management with comprehensive growth and support programs.  HOM works with residents to identify their community’s unique needs to create services and programs that address those needs and empower residents.  HOM’s growth and support services include, but are not limited to:

The success of our service programming has been made possible through the generous support of many  financial partners.  Because these services are provided at no cost to residents, HOM depends on this support as it continues to develop funding – as well as garner in-kind contributions of equipment and supplies – from corporations, foundations and community leaders.

HOM’s Growth and Support Services

Job Training
  • job placement
  • interview training
  • job coaching
  • resume workshops
  • administrator training
  • communications
  • industry education
Life Skills
  • financial education
  • family planning
  • driver’s education
  • cooking classes
  • benefits assistance
  • mentor programs
  • transportation support
  • case management
  • health classes
  • mental health support
  • yoga
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Support Groups
  •  Computer Training
  • GED support
  • Higher Education Prep
  • ESL
  • tutoring
  • art and music
  • book clubs